MLB lockout: Improved, league extends self-imposed deadline to 5pm.

The lockout imposed by the owner of Major League Baseball is in a position to compromise the regular season. Monday marked the league’s self-imposed deadline for when a new collective bargaining agreement should be reached before regular season games are canceled. This is the first time in 27 years that regular season matches have been affected by the strike. (2020 season replaced by epidemic.)

Instead, the MLB and MLB Players Association (MLBPA) talked deeply into the night and then extended the deadline until the next morning. At 2:27 a.m. Tuesday, it was reported that both sides had finally called for a night on Jupiter, Florida. The new deadline to meet before canceling regular season games is Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. According to Jeff Bason of ESPN.

Regarding the progress made during the marathon sessions on Monday / Tuesday morning, Ken Rosenthal of Athletics There is “definite improvement”, but “big gaps are in big areas”.

The meetings started in earnest at 10am on Monday, however it was sour. MLB said it was ready to miss a month’s worth of games for the MLBPA and took on a more threatening tone. Athlete Evan Trellich reports. Earlier this month Commissioner Rob Manfred said missing games was a “devastating effect” on the game, with empty words in the weeks that followed.

The talks throughout the day seemed to show some improvement. 8:35 pm ET, A statement from Trellich It was pointed out that it has moved towards a deal. According to the report, the owners offered the players two options:

1. There are fourteen playoff teams, with a minimum salary of approximately $ 700,000 and a bonus set of approximately $ 40 million divided between the best referees.

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2. Twelve playoff teams, with a minimum salary of about $ 675,000 and a pre-referee bonus package of about $ 20 million.

Several reports said several hours later that both sides had agreed to a 12-team playoff design. Although both parties to the above option agree, the competition balance tax (luxury tax) limit – and the penalty for exceeding the stated limit – is still under discussion. Trivial matters such as defensive change controls were also said to have been part of the debate.

In all, there were 13 face-to-face meetings between the two sides at the Spring Training Center on Thursday for more than 16 hours. Again, there seems to be progress, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

The highlight of this is the hope that the season will start as planned on March 31, but the parties will have to do more work on Tuesday when they meet again.

Here is the timeline for the CBS Sports Lockout, But the short version is that the owners kept the locks on when the previous CBA expired. They were not forced to do so, but it was branded as a defensive maneuver. The league waited more than six weeks to make its first proposal. The two sides had several face-to-face talks with some key points, including the competition reserve tax; Revenue sharing; The breakdown of players who qualify for the Super Two position at the jury; And the league-minimum wage.

CBS Sports offers live announcements of Monday and now Tuesday talks. You can find them below.

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