Murdock’s investigation continues with testimony and phone and video evidence

Lt. Britt Dove testified Wednesday that the data was extracted from Alex Murdock. mobile phone June 7, 2021 showed device movements.

If the phone is in one’s hand or pocket, it records steps, he said. If the device is on the seat or cupholder of the driving car, it will not record steps.

These are the recordings of Alex’s blows when prosecutors say they killed Maggie and Paul Murdock on June 7, 2021 at 8:50 p.m.

6:42:12 pm-6:43:55 pm – 57 steps

6:52:28-7:02:05 pm – 283 steps

7:03:55-7:11:29 pm – 165 steps

7:15:35-7:21:52 pm – 200 steps

7:28:36-7:37:11 pm – 47 steps

7:55:32-8:05:07 pm – 270 steps

7:41:23-7:48:41 pm – 29 steps

8:05:35-8:09:52 pm – 74 steps

9:02:18-9:06:47 pm – 283 steps

“Are there any steps recorded between 8:09pm and 9:02pm?” asked Assistant Attorney General John Conrad.

“No, sir, I am not,” he replied.

Dow said the iPhone’s calculation of the number of steps taken is an estimate, but the time those steps are recorded is accurate.

Alex said Had dinner A sleepover with Paul and Maggie the night of the murders.

It’s unclear when he might have squeezed in a nap based on steps documented by his phone.

After 9pm he left home to visit his mother who lived about 20 minutes away.

When he returned, he said he found the dead bodies of his son and wife nearby Dog kennels At the family’s sprawling hunting lodge after 10 p.m

He told investigators several times that he did not go to the kennels that night before making the gruesome discovery.

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But prosecutors said in opening statements that a cellphone video recorded near the milk kennels captured Alex’s voice at 8:44 p.m.

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