N.Korea says if we attack the south we will be attacked by nuclear weapons -KCNA

SEOUL, April 5 (Reuters) – North Korea opposes war but will use nuclear weapons if South Korea attacks, President Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister Kim Yoo Jong warned on Tuesday, analysts warned. Upcoming Conservative President of the South.

Kim Yo-jang, a senior official in the government and the ruling party, recently commented on the attacks on North Korea, according to the state news agency KCNA, which called South Korea’s defense minister a “big mistake.”

South Korean Defense Minister Zhu Wook said on Friday that his country’s military had “a variety of missiles with remarkably advanced range, precision and power, capable of hitting any target in North Korea accurately and quickly.”

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Both Koreas have increased military strength since North Korea test-fired more powerful missiles this year. Authorities in Seoul and Washington fear that they may be preparing to restart nuclear weapons testing for the first time since 2017. read more

Kim and another North Korean official issued earlier statements on Sunday condemning Suh’s remarks, warning that Pyongyang would destroy key targets in Seoul if the South took “dangerous military action” such as a pre-emptive strike. read more

Kim’s criticism is largely aimed at South Korean President-elect Eun Suk-yo, who has called for greater muscle protection against North Korean threats, said Rachel Miniong Lee, a researcher on the 38th North-US program that monitors North Korea. . read more

“Yun’s concept of ‘early strike’ made headlines a few months ago and Pyongyang is capturing Suu Kyi’s comments to show a note to the coming South Korean administration,” he said. “North Korea has so far refrained from criticizing the UN at any level of authority, but it certainly seems to be laying the groundwork for that.”

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With Yoon’s inauguration in May, reports suggest that Pyongyang is preparing the North Korean people for a possible change in relations between the two countries, Lee added.

Representatives of the UN panel were in Washington this week to meet with US officials who reaffirmed their commitment to protecting South Korea, according to a US State Department statement on Tuesday. read more

In his statement on Tuesday, Kim said he opposes the Pyongyang war, which will leave the peninsula in ruins and does not consider South Korea as its main adversary.

“But the situation will change if South Korea, for whatever reason – whether blindly by misjudgment or not – chooses a military action like the ‘pre-emptive strike’ (Suu Kyi) said,” Kim added. Then South Korea will be the target.

He said that if the South Korean military crossed the North Korean border, it would face an “unimaginable catastrophe” and that the North’s nuclear force would inevitably have to do its duty, and that South Korea could avoid this fate by abandoning anything “wonderful.” Daydreaming “Precautionary attack on nuclear-armed state.

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