Nancy Pelosi says she will run for re-election

In a video message posted on his political Twitter account, Pelosi, a Democrat from California, said, “I am running for re-election to Congress and I respectfully seek your support.” “I would greatly appreciate it and I would be grateful for that.”

Pelosi did not announce in his video announcement that he was running for Speaker. He promised that 2018 would be his term She will be the last in that positionBut she has not yet confirmed whether it is her plan.
The announcement of Pelosi’s re-election comes as the House Democrats Retirement in record numbers District maps are being redrawn by Republican-controlled state legislatures in support of GOP lawmakers, and that party will face by-elections this fall. Tennessee Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper on Tuesday The latest Democrat To announce his retirement at the end of this Congress, he brought the total number of House Democrats retiring at the end of his term to 29. But Pelosi is seen as a key fundraiser, a contractor, and a key figure in helping Democrats. Nationwide.

In addition to retirement, Pelosi continues to understand how the slim Democratic majority in Congress is preventing the party from fulfilling key parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda. Although the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill could have been neatly passed by the Pelosi Congress, Biden’s Social Security program, known as the Built Back Better, stalled due to differences over sections of the Senate and how to proceed with key voting rights laws.

“While we are making progress, there is still a lot to be done to improve people’s lives,” Pelosi said. “Our democracy is in danger from an attack on the truth, an attack on the US capital and the state on the right to vote. This election is very important. Nothing less than our democracy. But as we say, we do not care, we organize.”

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The fact that Pelosi is running for re-election but has not announced his candidacy for Speaker is in the midst of a major debate among Democrats internally: is it time for the party to lead to a younger leadership or is Pelosi important in keeping the party together? It needs a clear leader.

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