NFT Gaming Psycho supports turning human players into NPCs


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The common thread connecting my complete disgust with all things blockchain and AI is the utter dehumanization of it all. For these reasons techbro devotees are very focused on technology, profits and market forces, while not realizing their implications and consequences, As if at times they had become completely detached from the human experience.

We’ve covered this to death for the past two years, from Failed NFT Experiments to me The ghost of AI-generated art loomsbut forI wanted to bring to your attention one of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen committed to printing in the name of future technology.

This great feature On NFT and encrypted games, mostly focused on Maine Craft servers and Axi Infinity (womp)by Niren Gray Desai, And you should definitely read it all over again Rest of the world For a great—albeit very bleak—experience, look at the markets surrounding ‘play to win’ games..

But there is one section that was really special, and it made me stop reading in my tracks:

Mikhai Kosar, a chartered accountant and member of Wolves DAO, a group that consults with NFT game projects in the early stages of their development, told Michai Kosar, Rest of the world That some players will always go wherever they can earn more money. “They would play Pac-Man if they could earn more,” he said.

According to Kossar, the mechanics of NFT rentals in play-to-earn games are important to keeping them accessible to poorer players. “You have people who have money, but they do not have time to play the game, and on the other hand, you have people who do not have money but who have time,” he said.

But he sees a future in which union ownership and management could upend the model of wealthy Western players running those in low-income countries. “Filipinos can come together to buy some assets and then rent them to themselves and make money in this way,” he said.

But he also envisions that NFT games can exploit the wealth gap between players to offer a different experience. “With cheap labor for a developing country, you can use people in the Philippines as non-playable characters (“non-playable characters”), real-life characters in your game,” Kosar said. They can “just fill the world, maybe do random work or walk back and forth, hunt, tell stories, keep a shop, anything is really possible.”

Let me be very clear here when I I say that I wish nothing but the worst for everyone involved in this group.

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