NYC rules Trump’s contract to run Bronx golf course illegal

Donald Trump is back in the Bronx.

The state Supreme Court judge ruled Friday that the city has no right to cancel Trump’s contract to run the Ferry Point Golf Course. Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled the deal Jan. 6, Capital riots after 2021, arguing that Trump will not attract golf matches.

In her decision and order filed Friday, Judge Debra James said there was nothing that required a competition in the contract – the city would participate in any proceeds. That means Trump must continue his studies or the city will have to pay him to leave. Trump’s son Eric said they would stay.

“The judge did not buy their nonsense, it was a very rational and appropriate decision, and we look forward to hosting the best golf course in many years,” Eric Trump said.

Di Blasio sought to free Trump from all city deals. The Parks department transferred Ferry Point to Bobby Jones Lynx, an out-of-state operator, so Trump filed Rule 78 to appeal to that city action. It is unclear how much it will cost the city to cancel the Bobby Jones deal.

The former president’s son said Trump will continue to run the golf course designed by Jake Nicholas in the Franks.
Andrew Theodorakis / New York Post
At the beginning of the Donald Trump Ferry Point course, golfers appeared with the Bronx in the background.
“We look forward to hosting the best golf course in the coming years,” Eric Trump said following the decision.
Andrew Theodorakis / New York Post

James issued a temporary restraining order last fall, allowing the organization to continue its operations, and has now referred the matter to the park department.

“Di Blasio did this for his own political drama,” Eric Trump said. “He wasted a lot of time and city resources for his own revenge. He’s a disgrace to New York and everyone is happy he’s gone.

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Eric Trump said he would go to the Franks to greet staff – if the restaurant was closed for the winter like the other operator did, 150 people would be out of work for the rest of the winter. The golf course, designed by Jack Nicholas, is now open, but closed for the winter to “relax” on the grass and maintain the grounds as approved by Golf Great.

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