On the day of the Delhi murder, Aftab Poonawalla and Shraddha Walker fought over household expenses, cops said

New Delhi:

Although they had been arguing for months, the dispute was over who would pay for the house which escalated until Aftab Poonawalla killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar in Mehrauli in Delhi on the evening of May 18, sources said on Wednesday based on what he said. interrogation yet.

Friends of Shraddha and the couple’s former landlords in Vasai near Mumbai also told NDTV that they had regular falling out, mostly over suspicions of them cheating on each other.

On May 18, a fight started between them to buy some household items. Police sources said the matter escalated as some other cases came to light, and at some point between eight and ten in the evening, Aftab Poonawalla strangled Shraddha Walker to death.

“He kept the body in the same room overnight, and then went to buy a knife and a refrigerator the next day,” one of the officers told NDTV. The police confirmed the events with the statements of the shopkeepers.

He allegedly cut the carcass into 35 pieces, kept them in a freezer, and then dumped them in a nearby forest for the next 18 days.


Police head to the apartment where Aftab Poonawalla and Shraddha Walker live, in Delhi’s Mehrauli district.

The Story broke up over the past month After Shraddha Walker’s parents – who had not spoken to her for a year because they did not approve of her religious (Hindu-Muslim) relationship – went to the police in Vasai in Maharashtra, their hometown near Mumbai, after some friends told him she had lost touch months ago.

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Aftab was first summoned by policemen from Vasai for interrogation and later handcuffed by the Delhi Police as suspicions grew. In the end, bank transfers from her phone app and some Instagram conversations, which were recorded along with a mobile phone signal location, helped the police discover that Aftab was lying because she had left her alone on May 22. He was using her phone and apps to make her look like she was alive, investigation officials said.

They both worked in call centers and had been living together for at least the past year, initially near Mumbai, where they are They met on the dating app Bumblethen in Delhi since moving here in May this year.

After about a week in a hotel, they took over an apartment to rent on May 14th. He allegedly killed her four days later.

Police sources said that Aftab was recently fired from his job in Gurugram for being absent without leave.

He has led investigators to some bones in Mehrauli Forest. Police said they sent those and her father’s DNA samples to a forensic lab to check if the bones were from her strays. The sources said that some blood stains were also found from the apartment.

However, key evidence, such as the knife he used, still needs to be collected; the severed head of the victim or any other identifiable body part; The clothes she was wearing that day. Or her phone which was thrown by Aftab either in Maharashtra or Delhi. He has been altering his statement, so the police intend to take a polygraph test. A psychiatrist was also called upon to assist during the interrogation.

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The accused is scheduled to appear in a local court on Thursday. The police will seek further detention so that they can find more physical evidence.

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