Pixel 7 Pro gets macro mode with Google Camera update

Pixel 7 Pro was launched with version 8.7.165 from Google Camera, and 8.7.250 It’s now rolling out with the Macro Focus settings added but also with the double-tap action gesture removed.

At launch (in version 8.7.165), Google turned on Auto Macro so that “the camera automatically uses macro focus when taking photos at close range.” It appeared in settings under configuration and is enabled by default. In our experience, introducing 2x zoom can also trigger Macro Focus.

When the Pixel 7 Pro gets close enough to a subject, it automatically switches lenses to allow for macro shots. A yellow flower icon will appear with a tap that allows you to pause Macro focus.

Version 8.7.165

Google Camera 8.7.250 now removes the toggle from Settings and instead brings it up to the drop-down menu that appears when you scroll down on the viewfinder or tap the upper-left control dial.

Appearing next to More Light (Flash), Top Shot, Timer, and Ratio, Macro Focus is set to Auto. Off disables the feature and a “Macro is off” message will appear at the top of the screen when you get close to something. A white flower icon with a slash in it will also appear, pressing it will take you back to automatic mode.

On mode will keep macro focus enabled – by instantly switching lenses – all the time and you’ll get a “macro locked” message. As such, the Pixel 7 Pro now has a traditional macro “mode”.

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Meanwhile, this latest version of Camera 8.7 removes the double tap action. This gesture allows you to zoom in (1x to 2x and vice versa) or switch between the front and back cameras. Google removed this option as of Pixel 5 and 4a 5G – Continuing with the Pixel 6 series – and its initial inclusion in the Pixel 7 / Pro is probably mostly a mistake.

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