Positional Storm Gaston becomes the seventh named monsoon hurricane in the mid-Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Storm Gaston formed on Tuesday in the mid-Atlantic, but unlike its peers Hurricane Fiona and Troubles off the coast of South AmericaGaston will continue to spin mostly over open water.

It was recently reported that Gaston was about 1,000 miles from the Azores, and due to the abnormally warm waters, it is likely to turn into a powerful tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center estimated maximum sustained winds of about 40 mph with higher gusts and moving north.

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Tracking Storm Gaston
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The FOX Forecasting Center You expect the guidance flow that directs Gaston to collapse over the next couple of days, leaving the tropical storm meandering over the North Atlantic.

Maritime interests and residents of the Azores are encouraged to monitor the hurricane’s progress for potential impacts.

The Azores are located 900 miles from the coast of Europe and about 3,900 miles from the east coast of the United States.

Swells from the tropical storm are expected to reach the Azores later this week. These bulges are potentially dangerous to life and surfing rupture current conditions.

The forecast path and intensity of Tropical Storm Gaston
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The Atlantic hurricane reaches its climatic peak in September. 10

Two more systems are now being tracked in the Atlantic: Hurricane Fiona And the invest 98which could become the next tropical depression and possibly Tropical Storm Hermine in the coming days.

An overview of the tropics of the Atlantic basin.
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