49ers drafting a CB in Round 1 isn't off the table, Part 2: CJ Henderson

I don't think there's any disputing that Ohio State's Jeffrey Okudah had the best season of any college cornerback in this class. But when it comes to looking at these guys as prospects, I not only evaluate your tape, I also have to project your game to the NFL and how your skillset translates. CJ Henderson not only has good film but also un-coachable traits that I feel make him my No. 1 cornerback in this 2020 class.

Henderson measured in at 6’1” 204 lbs and moves like a defensive back that’s much smaller. Which is actually a good thing. Boasting a 4.39 40, Henderson's speed and movement skills give him the ability to match up with any type of receiver.

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At times Florida asked him to cover opposing teams' best receivers. Against LSU he could be found in standout sophomore Ja’Marr Chase’s hip pocket. Even at times when his technique wasn't on point, his special traits allowed him to recover and make a play on the ball.

I believe Henderson is the most talented cornerback in this class, but he does lack consistency in two parts of his game. Those two very things likely put me on an island with very few others that have Henderson as the top cornerback in this group. His technique and want-to tackle make him less desirable by many others. That notion mostly coming from a poor tackling performance against the Miami Hurricanes.

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The second issue is his technique. His technique definitely isn’t bad, mostly the consistency of it is what he's lacking. I felt he relied more on athleticism over technique, which is oftentimes the case when dealing with a prospect of his athletic ability. Those are two parts to his game that I feel are very coachable and easily fixable. Especially with his athletic skill set. The things I can’t teach are those nice fluid movements, natural coverage skills, size and 4.39 40 speed to match up with any type of receiver. A combination of skills no other cornerback in this class possesses.

I opened up this write-up mentioning how I have to project the prospects to the NFL - Henderson will be a fit for any team that wants a cornerback with elite traits. Sky’s the limit for this kid.

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