Presentation of the 53 New York Jets roster includes minors backed by Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – The New York Jets opened their training camp on July 26 at the Atlantic Health Training Center in Florham Park. Is this the year they flip it over? Despite the longest active drought in the NFL (11 years), the Jets fueled optimism with a solid season performance, highlighted by making three picks in the first round.

Coach Robert Saleh, 4-13 in his first season, is trying to change the losing culture. They have a training institution, with the three coordinators back. The Jets is the only team in East Asia that can boast such continuity.

They have tougher menu resolutions than last year, which is a good thing. It shows better depth in certain situations, which means players like the wide receiver Denzel Mims and Cornerback Press Hall It may generate commercial interest.

Circumstances have changed. Instead of player development, which was the primary goal last year, they should focus more on winning now. This will affect how they stack up for certain positions.

Our 53-man show:

rear quarter (3): Zach WilsonAnd the Joe FlaccoAnd the Mike White

New year, different philosophy. Last season was criticized for carrying two untested quarterbacks to the opening day roster – Wilson and White – the Jets now have a seasoned backup at Flacco, which they re-signed after a mid-season deal. Carrying three people may be a luxury, but White, who achieved folk hero status with an epic performance against the Cincinnati Bengals, is seen by the organization as a player of essential caliber.

back to running (4): Michael CarterAnd the Press HallAnd the tiffin colemanAnd the Ty Johnson

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Carter and Hall, in the 2022 second round, are the only real locksmiths on the roster; They represent the present and the future of the situation. Coleman, Johnson, La Michal Perrin Rookie Unformed Rookie zonovan night He will compete for third and fourth places. Perrin, part of the former coaching staff, returns to this last chance.

Fullback (1): Nick Bowden

Bowden and Tryvon Wesco Both played well in the spring, but the edge goes to the super-physical Bowden.

wide receiver (6): Corey DavisAnd the Elijah MorAnd the Garrett WilsonAnd the Braxton PiriosAnd the Jeff SmithDenzel Mims

Will Mims get another chance, or is he just the latest in a long line of Gates failures in the second round? He’s sneaking around now, but he shouldn’t feel comfortable because that can happen either way. Usually, they have six receivers, five dress-up for games. The special difference, where Smith has an advantage over Mims, is a consideration for the WR5’s functionality. Moore and Garrett Wilson, from the first round, have stellar potential.

narrow tip (3): CJ OzumaAnd the Tyler ConklinAnd the Jeremy Ruckert

This is one of the most improved areas of the team. They spent a combined $25 million in warranties on Uzomah and Conklin, then used a third-round pick on Ruckert. This means that the first three jobs are closed unless there is an infection.

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offensive line (9): George FantAnd the Not TomlinsonAnd the Conor McGovernAnd the Elijah Vera TuckerAnd the Macy PictonAnd the Conor McDermottAnd the Dan FinneyAnd the Nate HerbigAnd the Max Mitchell

The perfect number is eight, but Mitchell complicates matters because it is the fourth-round pick who will be given at least a year to develop. Selection of the previous third round Choma Edoga He looks like a strange guy. Becton-Fant Decision – Which one is carried over to the correct treatment? – It will be the most important event in the camp.

defense line (9): Quinn WilliamsAnd the John Franklin-MyersAnd the Carl LawsonAnd the Jermaine Johnson IIAnd the Sheldon RankinsAnd the Jacob MartinAnd the Solomon ThomasAnd the Nathan ShepherdAnd the Michael Clemons

It’s an alternating heavy streak loaded in the free agency and draft, and a numbers game setting that will cut two or three legitimate players – for example, Vinnie Carrie And the Brice Huff. Lawson, coming back from surgery on his left Achilles tendon, can start camping on the PUP list but should be ready for the first week. -Round selection.

Linebacker (5): CG MosleyAnd the Quincy WilliamsAnd the Naseer al-Din’s whisperAnd the Jamin SherwoodAnd the Marcel Harris

This is the weakest area of ​​the team. Mosley and Williams are fine, but it’s suspicious behind them. Currently, Nasiruddin, a member of the college safety team, who played only 28 shots last season as a linebacker, is the third starter. Sherwood, who is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, could start camp at PUP. They are looking for better depth.

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back (7): DJ RedAnd the Ahmed “Sauce” GardnerAnd the Michael Carter IIAnd the Branden EcholsAnd the Press HallAnd the Javelin GuidryAnd the Justin Hardy

Last year’s starters – Echols and Hall – project as backups for this year, which should tell you something about the overall job improvement. Look for the Gardner-Reed tandem to unlock it from the outside. Gardner, a first-round pick, needs seasoning, but is too talented to stay on the bench. Carter’s preferred slot. Isaiah Dunnon the bubble, impressed coaches in the spring and could challenge Hardy, who earns his continuation on special teams.

safety (3): Jordan WhiteheadAnd the LaMarcus JoynerAnd the Ashton Davis

Whitehead, Joyner, and Davis appear on set. The question is whether they keep Jason Pinnock, which was perfect in the spring. Pinnock, a converted cornerman, is still learning the situation. Joyner, 31, is sticking to his experience and man-to-man covering skills, even though he hasn’t intercepted a pass in four years.

Specialists (3): Greg Zorlin (kicker), Braden Man (gambler), Thomas Hennessy (long snapper)

Zuerlein and incumbent Eddie Beneiro He kicks well in the spring and they’ll be taking the “neck and neck” competitions to training camp, according to special teams coordinator Brant Boyer. Where have we heard that before? Every year, no matter the kickers, it turns into a mess.

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