Ravens Marcus Peters And John Harpo In A Hot Side Swap

The Baltimore Ravens blew up a massive lead over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, losing 23-20 after going up 20-3, and sentiment on the sideline festered during the final seconds of the loss.

With Buffalo’s Tyler Bass lining up to score a game-winning field goal, CBS’ broadcast interrupted an odd shot from Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters as he attacked John Harpo. He looked like he was yelling at the Baltimore coach, and he had to be tied up by his teammates.

Marcus Peters must be restrained

It’s not clear exactly what Peters bothered about, but perhaps it was Harbaugh’s decision to go for him in fourth and target at 1 yard from the previous drive. Rather than pick a field goal that would have put the Ravens ahead, Harbaugh decided to try to score a touchdown. Lamar Jackson threw an interception, and led the Bills into the field for the winning score.

Peters left the field before the media was available and did not explain why he was upset, but Harbow spoke about the incident after the match.

“Emotions are high. We are on the same page,” Harbo said. “We have a great relationship. We have an honest relationship. I love him. I hope he still loves me, we’ll see.”

Marcus Peters
Marcus Peters
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The Ravens went down 2-2 with the loss, which is still good for a tie at the AFC summit with the Browns and Bengals. Meanwhile, the bill went 3-1.

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