Ravens vs. Steelers score: Ben Rothlisberger mobilizes Pittsburgh for extra time win and playoff chance

Ben Rothlisberger’s career may continue for at least another week. In vintage Rothlisberger performance, the 18-year-old Gunslinger lifted the 53rd game-winning movement of his career to a 16-13 overtime victory over the Steelers over the Ravens. The Steelers won by a score of 1:59 on Chris Boswell’s 36-yard field goal, leaving Rothlisberger 1:59 in extra time with a kick set by Ray’s Ray McCloud’s fourth-down four games earlier.

At 9-7-1, the Steelers will hold the playoffs until the end of the Raiders-Chargers game tie. Pittsburgh oversees the Baltimore business and receives outside assistance due to the Jaguars’ failed victory over the Golds. The defeat officially knocked Baltimore (8-9) out of the playoffs.

The Steelers took a 13-10 lead at 2:56 for Chase Claypool on Rothlisberger’s 6-yard touchdown bass. But the Ravens were able to force extra time into Justin Tucker’s 46-yard field goal 1:16 in the fourth quarter. In overtime, Pittsburgh’s defense forced a Baltimore Bundle set up Steelers’ 15-play, 65-yard drive, including Rothlisberger’s three third-under transitions and his crucial fourth-down-down throw McCloud. Two plays after Naji Harris’ 15-yard run set Boswell’s game-winning field goal.

Pittsburgh won despite playing most of the game without Harris, who suffered an elbow injury in the Steelers’ opening possession. In the final regular season game of his career, Rothlisberger created the seventh game-winning drive of the season, which is the best in the NFL. He finished 244 yards in touchdown and 44 passing with an interception at 30.

We’ll see in-depth details of Sunday’s game in a little while, but in the meantime, check out our live blog for game updates, highlights and analytics.

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