Rebel Wilson takes a romantic vacation in Italy with his girlfriend Ramona Agroma: ‘Angels’

Rebel Wilson is enjoying an Italian vacation with her new friend, Ramona Agroma. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic)

Rebel Wilson Enjoying her new love on an Italian vacation.

The 42-year-old actress and her friend Ramona Agroma made their newfound relationship abroad, as Wilson posted on Instagram Photo On Saturday the couple love hand in hand. Wilson sparkled in a long yellow sundress featuring puffed sleeves and a V-neck; Her couture partner looked elegant in a loose-fitting black suit with white trim while sporting a gray ensemble Christian Dior bag.

“Ciao bellas” Wilson hung The flyer is alongside two Italian flags.

Fans and fellow celebrities filled in”pitch perfectThe star shared the comments praising the beauty of the duo and radiating love.

“So happy for you, my love,” Paris Hilton hung With the addition of two heart shaped emojis.

“Angels!” replied Joshua Cooley, who co-starred Netflix‘s “Graduation Year. “

A fan’s “Cute! I’m Obsessed with Your Clothes” He said.

“This picture brings so much joy!” else addedalong with three red heart emojis.

“That’s great! You deserve nothing but the best!” agitated.

“I absolutely love your dress, rebellious, and so happy for you both,” other knock in. “I really don’t understand why we need to say ‘love is love’ anymore.

Officially Wilson She announced her new relationship With Agruma just last week using Instagram Photo From a couple who stunned fans. In the post, Wilson wrote a comment in which she said she thought she was “looking for a Disney Prince” but might actually have needed “all this time she’s been a Disney Princess.”

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While some fans initially took the post as an official announcement for Wilson, it was later revealed that the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald He was planning to reveal the star’s sexuality before. The publication only gave Wilson two days of warning before planning to break the news, but the “Hustle” actress decided to outdo the outlet with her own ad.

Wilson initially remained silent about the controversy, but eventually made a short statement in a file tweet This means she was taking the highway.

“Thank you for your comments,” comedian chirp. “It was a very difficult situation but trying to deal with it kindly.”

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