Recent Russia-Ukraine war news: live announcements

Here are some improvements from regions across Ukraine:

Kiev: Russia confirmed on Friday that it had fired missiles at the capital late Thursday, claiming that it had destroyed an arms factory, while Ukrainian officials attacked at least one residential building and killed a journalist working at a US-funded RFE store. strike.

The attack, which concludes the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to Kiev, has shaken the peace that has returned to the capital in recent weeks. Moscow shifted its fire to the east Ukraine.

Kharkiv: The governor of the Kharkiv region said on Saturday that fierce fighting had erupted around the city of Izyum as Russian forces fought to advance and that shelling had hit parts of the east of the vast region overnight. He said in a telegram that artillery fire in Kharkiv had subsided somewhat in the past 24 hours, but called on residents to remain vigilant and avoid gathering in large gatherings for graves or even funerals.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that Russian forces had been deploying troops around Kharkiv and especially in the Isis.

Mariupol: The Azovstal steel plant and its environs have come under fire as besieged Ukrainian militants are clinging to their last hold in the southern port city. Ukrainian officials have announced that civilians and wounded soldiers will need medical help as the supply of food and water inside the plant is declining.

Mikhail Vershin, head of the Donetsk Regional Patrol Police, told The Post that the area around the facility was being bombed by Russian forces. “We are ready to leave the area of ​​the Azovstale plant,” he said. “But this requires guarantees.”

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In the Donbass area: Russian forces have been attacking Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where the governor of Luhansk said Saturday that artillery shelling had damaged dozens of homes. Local officials said earlier this week that many residents were without electricity or water due to damage to the infrastructure.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that troops had repulsed more than a dozen attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk in the past 24 hours. It said earlier this week that Russian forces had seized some urban settlements as they sought to expand their hold in the two provinces that make up the eastern Donbass region.

Tim Bella and Andrew Jeong contributed to this report.

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