Rejoice! Street Fighter 6 has Net Rollback and Cross-Play icon

Modernization: Here’s a welcome update to this story: Street Fighter 6 will have cross-play functionality as well as an undo network icon (as per Maximilian Dodd on Twitter).

Although the extent of cross-play isn’t confirmed yet, it’s still great to hear. Cross-play means that you will be able to play against people on other platforms. we Supposedly That PlayStation users will be at least able to match those on PC – but Xbox could also be included. We hope to have some full confirmation soon.

Cross-play is a big deal for fighting games, as it keeps the online community together regardless of platform. This in turn makes it easier to maintain a healthy player base.

Original story: Quite possibly the news that fighting game fans wanted to hear: Street Fighter 6 It will use net undo code. News comes across GameSpot Editor Hussain Datesstraight from the Summer Game Fest personal event currently underway.

Hussain writes on Twitter: “Street Fighter 6 uses back-to-back network code. Lots of people are asking.” Good to know!

If you’re sitting there wondering what the net undo symbol means, we’ll try to explain it without going into technical details. Backtracking is basically the best type of network token that competitive games can have; This generally means that online matches tend to run more smoothly. Even if you are playing against someone on the other side of the planet, back off should Somewhat help.

(If you are an act Wanting an in-depth explanation of why netcode is important for fighting games, we recommend This article is from Ars Technia.)

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But getting Street Fighter 6 back is just the first step – it should be Good Backtracking, that’s due to how good Capcom netcode actually is. In our humble opinion, 2021 Guilty Gear Jahed It’s the current king of the fighting game netcode, so Street Fighter 6 will likely be benchmarked against it when it’s released next year.

However, this is positive news. At this point, there’s no real excuse for game developers to fight to skimp on good network code usage – not when online gaming has become an essential part of the experience (especially with factors like the pandemic putting an end to in-person tournaments for so long).

Here we hope Capcom delivers!

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