Russia showcases Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in sea launch test

A hypersonic Zircon cruise missile is launched from the guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov during a test in the Barents Sea, in this still image taken from a video released May 28, 2022. Russian Ministry of Defense / Posted via Reuters

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(Reuters) – Russia has successfully tested a hypersonic cruise missile Zircon at a distance of about 1,000 km, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

She added that the missile was launched from the Barents Sea and hit a target in the White Sea. A video clip released by the ministry showed the missile being launched from a ship and catching fire in the sky on a steep path.

President Vladimir Putin has described Zircon as part of a new generation of unrivaled weapon systems. Hypersonic weapons can travel nine times the speed of sound, and Russia conducted previous experiments with firing zircon from warships and submarines last year.

The Russian military suffered heavy losses in men and equipment during its three-month invasion of Ukraine, which it called a “special operation,” but it continued to conduct high-profile weapons tests to remind the world of its prowess in missile technology.

Last month it tested a new nuclear-capable ICBM, the Sarmat, which is capable of carrying 10 or more warheads and striking the United States.

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Mark Trevelyan reports. Editing by Kirsten Donovan

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