She-Hulk’s new episode just broke MCU Disney+’s disappointing record

go to stage 4, MCU fans are getting enamored with the run times of the latest rides Across both theaters and Disney+. Both Thor: Love and Thunder And the Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It has been bombarded with backlash due to the recording only being near the two-hour mark, while Disney+ viewers continue to demand full-hour episodes.

Generally, Most of the Disney+ episodes from the MCU lasted between 40 and 50 minutesbut there were exceptions. What if…?’s Stories tend to score within this range, as do most animated series, while WandaVision She also had many shorter episodes due to starting a sitcom format rather than a drama.


as such She-Hulk: Attorney at Law come around, Marvel Studios is tackling a whole new format as it produces half-hour legal comedy. But even with such promise from the start, and being so central to the series’ structure, Disney+’s newly broken record has led to a backlash on social media.

Disney + She-Hulk record is making fans angry

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 broke a frustrating MCU record as Disney+ legal comedy marked the shortest push Marvel Studios made to the streaming service — except I grew up shorts.

She Hulk, Moon Night, Mrs. Marvel

The second episode, “Super Law”, ran at 30:26 in the US, which is seven minutes shorter than the first episode, “Normal Amount of Rage” which ran for 37:31. Strong woman It was initially marketed as a 30-minute legal comedy film.

History previously held by WandaVision The first episode, which was recorded at 30:51. The reality-bending sitcom produced several shorter entries due to its comedic nature which included Episode 3 at 34:00 and Episode 4 at 36:05.

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Animation Anthology What if…? It also spawned several shorter entries – the Nick Fury murder mystery hit 34:26, the Undead saga clocked in at 33:45, and Ultron’s Takeover at 31:36.

Looking at the shortest episode of every other MCU Disney+ series, most of them run much longer than either of them Strong womanentries so far. But it is important to note that most of them have been described as a one-hour drama rather than a 30-minute comedy:

  • WandaVision Episode 1 – 30:51
  • The Hawk and the Winter Soldier Episode 1 – 50:44
  • loki Episode 3 – 43:21
  • What if…? Episode 8 – 31:36
  • hook Episode 4 – 41:18
  • moon knight Episode 6 – 44:49
  • Mrs. Marvell Episode 5 – 40:41

Many fans expressed their anger at Strong womanEpisode playtimes on Twitter, including Tweet embedWho called for the installments to be longer due to their weekly releases:

“She-Hulk episodes are too short. Especially for a weekly TV show.”

Tweet embed Likewise pointed out how the last episode in particular “I felt very brief:”

“This episode of she-hulk felt too short. I was so sad when the credits started showing.”

Tweet embed They shared their wish for the show to have hour-long episodes instead of the current length:

“The She-Hulk episode was too short, I want one hour episodes.”

Tweet embed Praise Episode 2 K “very well” But he shouted how “you want more:”

“She-Hulk Episode 2 is too good but too short. I want more.”

Tweet embed They gave a more detailed explanation of their complaints, including visuals and runtimes:

“At the moment, my only complaint with She-Hulk is that the episodes seem too short and they sometimes look like a cartoon character. I wonder if the motion was captured or not, but it feels a bit too lively to feel real.”

Tweet embed She also indicated how the episodes “too short” But he said in a follow-up tweet “They really aren’t [and they] I just want more She-Hulk.”

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Episodes 3 and 4 runtimes have already been released And they’ll get better in the final chapter when they clock in at 27:03 and 28:34 excluding the credits, respectively. For comparison, the second batch plays at 22:53 when its big credits are removed.

Will the Marvel runtime controversy ever end?

Miss Minutes

Up to 15 live projects in Phase 4, runtimes remain at the center of discussion of each new release. I grew up It was marketed from the beginning as a series of five short films And even that faced this controversy. Strong woman Now in a similar situation, although half an hour is the crux of his format.

Yes, some projects had to have longer run times or more episodes to better embody their stories and avoid rushing. Dr. Gharib 2 And the bull 4 Arguably she needed more time to explore their stories and characters in appropriate depth, and several Disney+ series have suffered hasty endings.

But simply put, there is no “one size fits all” metric for the length of an episode or movie. Creators should be free to expand or summarize their stories as they see fit, rather than being forced to pull stories to match this legendary gold standard created by fans, as this leads to other speed issues.

Who knows if this issue will fade away in fans or not, but Marvel Studios Announcing the first season of 18 episodes of Daredevil: Born Again It suggests that they are familiar with the problem. Perhaps that will lead to more shows that revolve around longer seasons, rather than longer episodes.

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The first two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Streaming now exclusively on Disney+.

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