Sonic Team boss insists Sonic Frontiers won’t be delayed as a result of fan feedback

No plans to delay vocal boundaries After revealing the latest gameplay, the head of the studio Sonic Team Takashi Izuka Tell VGC.

#DelaySonicFrontiers It was briefly popular on Twitter earlier this month, After many Sonic fans took to the social media platform to express their disappointment about the first videos showing the game in action.

As part of an upcoming VGC interview, Iizuka was asked what he thinks of the mixed reaction to the gameplay footage.

“It’s not really surprising,” Iizuka replied. “We understand that everyone kind of interacts with the videos they’ve seen, and because they don’t understand what this new gameplay is, they kind of compare it to other games they already know.

“So we see a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, it’s kind of like that, it’s kind of like that, but it’s not, it’s not.’ And really, the team is going out and creating this new game format for Sonic, and we’re calling it a format.” The open area.

“And this new game system in and of itself is something that doesn’t really exist in any other comparable games, so we really hope that from here until launch, we can really explain the gameplay in the open area.”

He added: “If people come Gamescom or Tokyo Game ShowAnd the [they can] Get that hands-on experience playing the game and understanding what the game is all about. Because right now we’re watching videos of people reacting to what they think the game is going to be.”

We asked Iizuka how he felt about the recent #DelaySonicFrontiers hashtag on social media, and whether he was actually in a position to delay a match if he wasn’t completely happy with it.

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However, Iizuka claimed that this wasn’t an issue, as the development team is happy with the game as it stands.

He replied, “Frontiers are in development right now, and actually we’ve been doing a lot of testing with our target audience, which would be in that demographic of someone who plays and enjoys a Sonic game,” he replied.

“From our play test results, we’ve been listening for feedback coming back, but we’ve also had a lot of great feedback from people who have rated the game and they’re like, ‘I had so much fun playing this game, I’ll give it like 80 or 90 points out of 100’.”

“So we feel we’ve reached the point where this game is over, and people are going to love it, and we want to get this game into the hands of our fans as soon as possible.”

He added, “We really feel confident in the playtest results we’re getting. A lot of people say they had a lot of fun, they really enjoyed the game.”

“So we realize that a lot of people are watching videos online and making assumptions, but we feel confident based on playback test results from the target demographic that comes in and starts the game to finish, they really like the game and we are confident that we are making a game that will be satisfying.”

“So if all of our development team gets infected with coronavirus, or they are all hospitalized, or something is really stopping us from delivering the game on time, we will need more time.

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“But now we are working with our team in Japan who are working hard to make sure that people this holiday can buy the game, pick it up, take it home and have a fun experience with it.”