Steam Batman video games are on massive sale for under $5

A number of popular Batman video games for Steam have been reduced to less than $5. While Batman titles have appeared across many platforms over the decades, it wasn’t until within the past ten to fifteen years that publisher WB Games began releasing some truly acclaimed games related to The Dark Knight. And if you’ve never played any of these games in some way, or are just looking to add them to your Steam library, now might be a good time to make a move.

Available via Greenman GamesSteam keys for a number of beloved Batman games are now significantly reduced. In total, nine Batman titles are part of this sale and include the entire Batman Arkham series. To align with Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, Batman Origins “Arkham and separated it Arkham Origins Blackgate Also included in this sale. Virtual Reality Batman: Arkham VR is also part of this promotion.

Outside of the Arkham series, the three entries that make up the LEGO Batman series are also part of this sale. the original lego batman It was first released in 2008 and was followed by a sequel in 2012 and a third installment in 2014. While Batman is the titular character in each game’s title, both are Lego Batman 2 And the Lego Batman 3 folded in a number of other DC heroes and villains outside of those who hail from Gotham City.

All in all, every game mentioned here is available to snag for just $3.75, which is at least an 80% discount. If you want to buy all of these games, Green Man Gaming has some bundles that you can also look for for lower costs. For example, both Arkham Asylum And the Arkham city These can be had in one set for $4.50.

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If you’d like to see every Batman game included in this sale, you can find the full list attached below to go with the trailers for each.

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