Stop the war drums –

To the editor:

Americans need to know about Russia’s historical concern, which is to defend their homeland that was plundered by Napoleon and Hitler. Hence the Soviet Union arose. Today, after threatening the United States through NATO, Putin makes two demands from them: not to accept Ukraine’s accession to NATO, and to expel the last members of NATO from the organization because they are neighbors of Russia.
The request of the President of Ukraine, V. Zelensky, softening the war cry and informing him of the correspondence between the United States and the European Union.
What if China’s influence is greater than that of the United States in Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America, economically and militarily? The United States felt this way once and quickly passed the Monroe Doctrine.
If Putin intends to invade Ukraine, will he announce it to the world and give his enemies time to rearm themselves for a possible invasion? One hears the drums of war from the United States and Europe, not Russia. The Russians insist that they are conducting military exercises. Why in front of Ukraine? To make the United States look bad when the Russian military ends its maneuvers and returns to its bases. Serious game. It is embarrassing that the United States could create a “fake flag” that it started in Vietnam, Iraq and with the aircraft carrier USS Liberty.
Voices of Peace demand that NATO return to its original purpose, ie for defensive rather than offensive purposes.

Larry Berman
Post-war world
Sabal Chase Village

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