Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may challenge the schooling of immigrant children

Undocumented immigrants are ineligible for many public benefits. Texas offers fewer concessions than most states.

Edna Yang of American Gateways, an immigration law service provider based in Texas, said undocumented immigrants in the state are only eligible for a limited number of benefits, including emergency medical services, food assistance for children and public education.

The governor’s office says the cost of each additional student enrolled in Texas public schools is $ 6,100 a year, adding more than $ 2,000 to the additional cost, including the cost of providing bilingual and special education services.

The state regulator last examined the issue in 2006. At a time when undocumented children cost about $ 1 billion to educate, the report found that unauthorized relocation to the state had an overall positive effect on the Texas economy. Mr. of the Immigration Reform Committee. Honnegenz said government programs for students with low English proficiency in 2016 would cost more than $ 7 billion.

But Zeph Capo, president of the teachers’ union Texas AFT, said blocking undocumented students would improve the system for all, saying schools could lose a student’s state fund as well as extra money sent with those students. Central government. “Not all undocumented children are in the same school or in one school district,” he said. “It hurts everyone.”

Attitudes about immigration in Texas have changed, according to former Republican governors George W. Bush. Bush and Rick Perry adopted a relatively moderate tone. Mr. During his tenure, Perry signed into law a law that would allow undocumented college students to receive state education and financial aid at public universities in Texas.

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But taking a hard line on immigration, Mr. Abbott was a politically comfortable place. He used the issue to defeat those running in the Republican primary, and returned to it in his general election against El Paso’s Democrats and former Congressman Beato O’Rourke.

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