“Thank you to those who have recovered.”

The actor expressed his appreciation for Samuels “who tries to uphold and express masculinity” and said he would be praying for the late social media star’s family.

The Kevin Samuel dies He created a huge hole in the social media, but apart from his controversial article, the self-proclaimed “image consultant” had a large following who loved his content. Samuels made several phrases that often go viral about relationships, “men of great value,” and what women should do to increase their chances of finding love.

Since it was confirmed that Samuel had already died in his apartment with a woman, identified only as a nurse, whom he met at a nightclub the night before, there has been an ongoing debate. about his legacy.

Several celebrities have come forward to offer their condolences, including Marlon Wayans who wondered why he was “listening” to people who didn’t like Samuel to watch his content.

Do you love him or hate him… told the truth,Wayans said. “We can look at the truth as hateful, but sometimes his daring medicine didn’t taste so sweet. And if you hate why did you set him up? Why call? Because healing comes in many forms… He had some bad tasting medicine. There is no right or Wrong with this love, there is only discovery. Thank you to those you healed and we forgive you if there were any damages because we know your intention was to heal… And frankly, F*CK, I was excessive!”

“At this moment, I’m praying for you, your family, and everyone who has been healed for and who couldn’t connect to your program. I hope you can heal more and reach more in heaven. Rest well. I appreciate your attempt to persevere and express your masculinity.” Check out Wayans’ post and some feedback below.



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