The convenient Lego keyboard allows you to customize keycaps and more

MelGeek Friendly Lego Mechanical Keyboard Allows you to replace more than just keycaps and switches (Across Gizmodo). If you have a stack of Lego bricks sitting around, you can completely redesign the case thanks to the Lego studs planted across the sides and bottom of the board.

The keyboard, appropriately, is called the Pixel, and although it’s not officially licensed by Lego, you can create any design—and maybe even incorporate an existing set—right on the case. It features a ten-keyless design, which makes it a step down from full-size panels, as it does not come with a number pad.

You can frame the keyboard with a beautiful Lego design.
picture: Melgic

But the case isn’t just the only thing you can customize as well. MelGeek has cleverly included the buttons under each keycap, allowing you to outfit the board with your own Lego keycaps if you wish.

Not to mention that the switches themselves are also hot-swappable, so you can pluck the existing ones and pin the switches as much as you like with a flick. (It’s not immediately clear what kind of switches the board comes with, but we’ll update this article if we find out.) Once the board is equipped with Lego keycaps and switches, you can connect them to your computer (or go wireless) and enjoy RGB lighting.

The Pixel isn’t out yet, but you can lock the keyboard for $199 cheaper (it’ll cost $269 when available) if you pay a $1 reservation fee. I currently have all the parts and equipment I need to make a custom mechanical keyboard – complete with a soldering iron – but I’ve been off this job for about two years now. If I don’t end up sticking around it anytime soon (which, if I’m being honest with myself, I probably won’t), perhaps a Lego-compatible keyboard will satisfy my craving for a unique (and ever-changing) board.

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