The court approved the special jury in the Trump election trial

Former President Donald J. The Georgia District Attorney’s request to convene a special grand jury Monday in a criminal investigation into attempts to alter the 2020 election results in Trump State was approved.

Funny D. Willis, Atlanta attorney Last week the Grand Arbitration Board demanded After key witnesses identified by investigators voluntarily refused to cooperate. Assembling a large jury – which could provide sapons – is the next stage of the investigation, which legal experts consider could be a threat to the former president.

“The special purpose grand jury will be empowered to inquire into all facts and circumstances relating to the direct or indirect violation of the laws of the State of Georgia,” said Chief Justice Christopher S. Wright. The approval order signed by Pressure stated. Fulton County High Court.

The order states that the grand jury will begin its work on May 2 and continue “for a period not exceeding 12 months”.

Legal experts have been watching the Georgia case for months, and say the former president’s criminal expression may have included allegations of fraud or conspiracy. Mr. This is the only criminal case that directly focuses on Trump’s attempt to change the election.

Politically, the case is taking place in a state that played a key role in President Biden’s path to the White House. After winning the election vote in Georgia in 2020, Mr. 1992. Biden became the first Democrat. Mr. Within two months of Biden’s victory, Mr. The actions of Trump and his allies were the focus of Ms Willis’ criminal investigation.

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Mr. After Trump’s election defeat – and before Georgia held two Senate elections in January – Mr Trump began publicly denying election results in the states he lost, including Georgia. January. On the 2nd, he called on Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, and asked him to “find 11,780 votes” – in which case Mr. Trump lost the state.

The call sparked a firestorm of political and legal changes. The most influential person in the Republican Party and the candidate for the presidency in 2024, Mr. Trump, Mr. He had previously said that his call with Rafensberger was “correct.”

The former president has previously stared at legal issues, including inquiries into his businesses and finances, and is the only president to have been fired twice. He has previously denied that other investigations were politically motivated. Atlanta lawyer Ms Willis is a Democrat

Georgia case Mr. Focusing on Trump is one of many criminal, civil and congressional investigations. The Democratic-led congressional hearing on the January 6 attack on Capitol recently won a Supreme Court victory that would allow White House records to be obtained.

Two major investigations are underway in New York. One, Mr. from the Manhattan District Attorney. Criminal investigation into Trump’s financial dealings. The other is at the state level: Attorney General Letidia James Mr. He is leading a civil fraud investigation into Trump’s business practices. Mrs. James recently provided saponies for an interview with the two Mr. Trump’s adult children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. and his office previously interviewed a third person, Eric Trump.

For a request for comment, Mr. Trump’s representatives did not respond.

In Georgia, if Ms Willis wins a sentence, it must survive a review by state appeals courts. The courts are governed by Republican appointees.

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