The KOTOR II switch port has a bug, but you can cheat around it

Jedi fights the Sith and some strange lizards in the lobby.

screenshot: asper / obsidian

This week, Aspyr, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of knights Old Republic II: The Sith LordsAnd the He confessed A bug caused the game to crash during the main mission, preventing at least some players from completing the game.

Asper said today Axios The bug only affected a few players. The developer also posted instant solution on their website and promised a permanent “in the next patch” fix. There is currently no estimated release date for the official patch.

For players affected by the error, Kotor II The player crashed after a while Crashes in Onderon As part of the main planet mission. Players can experience the main quests in any order, but the Onderon quests require you to leave the planet in order to advance into the second phase of the story, so most players will likely finish the quest very late in their path. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the patch to continue with the game.

Instead, the studio suggests tapping the left joystick three times, which will open the cheat menu. From there, select “Warp” and then go to “OND504”, where the task continues from Onderon. Kotaku He was one of the unlucky few who were affected by the bug, and were able to independently verify that the workaround actually worked.

Visa Marr walks up the slope to fight the Sith soldiers.

screenshot: Asper / Obsidian / Kotaku

However, there is a catch. You’ll still be stuck using the same party you selected to explore the Dxun (which happens just before the buggy quest), and you can’t change your party’s configuration. So if you leave the weaker characters in Dxun… well, good luck. They will lead the entire attack themselves. If you’re seriously below your team’s level, don’t be afraid: the cheat list also includes an indomitable substitution. Kotaku She contacted Aspyr about switching party members, but had not received a response as of press time.

In the original computer game by Obsidian, Kotor II It will mark your save files with a yellow overlay “CHEAT” if you try to modify them with third-party tools (even to fix major errors). So it’s very funny to me that in 2022, cheating is the officially recommended way to ever complete the game.

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