The much-watched “Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022” photos have been released

London (CNN) – Snow covered stag, underwater wonderland and tree frog gathering party are some of the critically acclaimed entries in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022 competition.

A selection of 14 images were released ahead of the awards ceremony for the 58th edition of the competition, which was developed and produced by the Natural History Museum in London.

An upcoming exhibition held at the museum before the tour, displaying 100 of the best photographs, which were judged on the basis of their creativity, originality and artistic excellence.

Organizers said the competition attracted entries from photographers of all ages and expertise from 93 countries.

“What’s left with me is not just the extraordinary mix of themes in this year’s collection – a vast panorama of the natural world – but the emotional power of so many images,” said Rose Kidman Cox, chair of the jury, in a press release.

Other highly acclaimed photos published include an encounter with a polar bear in Russia and a realistic snapshot of unsustainable fishing in India.

As commented in the press release Doug Goure, Director of the Natural History Museum, said: “These inspiring images convey human impact on the natural world in a way that words cannot convey – from the urgency of declining biodiversity to the inspiring throwback of protected species.”

Winners will be announced October 11th at a party hosted by Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham. The exhibition opens in three days.

Submissions for the 2023 competition will open on October 17.

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