The mysteries of the blackboard filled with Stephen Hawking’s doodle may finally be solved

Hawking’s board is full of doodles, jokes, and half-completed equations written by friends and fellow physicists in the 1980’s. (Photo credit: Isidora Bojovic/Science Museum Group)

A new museum exhibit hopes to reveal the secrets behind the doodles, inside jokes and cryptic messages on the board that legendary physicist Stephen Hawking has been untouched for more than 35 years.

The history of the blackboard dates back to 1980, when Hawking joined fellow physicists at a conference on hyperspace and supergravity at the University of Cambridge in the UK, according to Watchman. While trying to exit a file cosmic “The Theory of Everything” – a set of equations that combine the rules of general relativity And Quantum mechanics – Hawking’s classmates used the board as a welcome distraction, filling it with a mixture of half-completed equations, perplexing puns, and fuzzy doodles.

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