The remaining missionaries were released by a kidnapping gang in Haiti

A Haitian mob has released the remaining 12 abductees – more than two months after they were abducted – the Ohio-based religious group they work for announced Thursday.

“We glorify God for the prayers we have answered – the remaining twelve hostages are free! Join us in praising God that seventeen of our loved ones are now safe,” says a statement from the Ministry of Christian Aid. “Thank you for your heartfelt prayers over the past two months. We hope you will provide as much information as possible.”

Haiti’s National Police spokeswoman Gary Tesroziers confirmed to NBC News that the hostages had been found safe, but did not say where they were taken.

Seventeen people working in the group In October, 400 were abducted by Maoist gangs, Which controls the Gandhian Commune on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, where the missionaries were taken.

The Ministries of Christian Aid had previously stated that the abductees were sixteen American citizens and one Canadian citizen – six men, six women and five children.

The missionaries were returning from an orphanage, and when they were taken away from the Christian Aid Ministries site in Haiti for an hour and a half, their staff made frequent visits.

The group, based in Millersburg, Ohio, has repeatedly called on supporters to fast and pray for the safe release of hostages, encouraging Christians to fast for three days at some point earlier this month.

In November, two missionaries were released, and three were released earlier this month.

Haitian officials say the group’s leader is demanding $ 1 million for a hostage. Total $ 17 million. A video Spread on social media, A U.S. official said it appeared to be legal, Threatened to kill the hostages If the redemption request is not met.

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November, Two missionaries were released, And Three more were released earlier this month.

Haiti has faced a series of disasters over the years, and has suffered again over the past several months.

President Jovnell Moss was assassinated in July, And a A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook the region in August.

And Monday, A truck carrying petrol exploded in northern Haiti, Murder At least 75 people And injured dozens. The eruption came as Haiti was struggling with a severe crisis Fuel shortages and revolving gas prices This recently forced hospitals to repatriate patients, temporarily closing schools and businesses.

The US and Canadian governments are urging their citizens to leave as soon as possible.

Susan Siekelsky, Mary Murray And Associated Press Contributed.

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