The report says that the Republican Party plans to establish an ‘army’ of activists as election staff to challenge the vote.

Republican activists have been caught up in discussing plans to establish an “army” of activists trained as polling staff on Democratic premises to challenge the vote in the upcoming elections. This strategy, announced by Politico, can also be seen in linking “poll staff” directly with party lawyers through the hotline and special software on election day. “As a poll employee, you still have many rights and things you can do to stop something. [as] He’s challenging a referendum, ”said Matthew Seyfried, Michigan’s director of election-integration at the Republican National Committee, quoted in a recording of a meeting between GOP officials and activists. During the October 5 training session, Seifried was reported to have told participants that “this is going to be an army” and “we are going to get more lawyers than we have ever hired …”. The lawyer for The Amistot program, previously linked to Donald Trump’s efforts to thwart the 2020 presidential election, has also revealed GOP plans to build a network of district attorneys who are considered ready to fight the ballot in local elections. To politics.

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