The stars of House Of The Dragon have no idea what will happen next

Dragon House

Dragon House
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In danger of spoiling a secret already spoiled by every trailer Dragon House: The series is about to pass a big time-Jumping into the next episode, jumping on a number of years to continue telling the stories of Westeros’ most miserable captivity, and while it’d be fun to see the horrific aging makeup on Paddy Considine (the promo for next week’s episode made it look like if Mr. The jump means we lose two actors who are basically the stars of the show: Millie Alcock and Emily Curry.

Alcock plays Rhaenyra Targaryen and Carey plays Queen Alicent Hightower, with Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke replacing them from now on. But before that the two spoke with New York times They explained that they had no idea what would happen to their next character. In fact, they weren’t allowed to read previous scenarios in this week’s episode nor had the chance to meet their time-jumping peers, which means whatever happens next is as much of a surprise to them as it is to us (assuming as they watched next week’s promo).

Alcock says in particular that she asked for texts and was told no, but apparently both Excited to see what D’Arcy and Cooke do with their characters. Carey says she doesn’t think she would have been able to play Aliscent at an older age, but thinks it would be “strange” to let go of the character and that it would be “really cool and weird” to suddenly try out a story as a viewer. Also, Carrie – who identifies in the interview as a “freak” – notes that she picked up a “tone” in the script that something else is going on in the friendship between these two characters, saying these women might not know if it was romantic at all. , but “there is only an affinity between two young women that cannot be spoken, especially in the world you live in.”

Carrie also says that they both felt “about to kiss” during a big conversation between them on episode 4 of the show, noting that they didn’t “do anything to make them gay” or “force” the issue on anyone, but that it “felt very normal” and that – If you “want to make the story sadder” – you can “choose to watch”. It will be interesting to see if D’Arcy and Cooke ever take on this thread.

Elsewhere in the chat, and casually related to anything, Carrie has to say this about how they’re spending time now because they’re not stars Game of thrones Show: “Milly’s going, and I’m sitting down and doing a Lego game, and that’s the general atmosphere.” On the show, she and Considine King Viserys bonded with his big model King’s Landing, which is basically Westeros Legos! And she loves Legos in real life! life like Dragon House! (which is fine for her for the correct use of “Lego”, as in “Lego sets” or “Lego cubes”, rather than stupid Say “LEGO” as we did.)

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