The three zodiac signs that abandoned toxic friends during the Trine Neptune Moon on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Since we are more sensitive to our surroundings during the Moon trine Neptune than other times, we are also more in tune with who we are as people, which leads to many questions. Are we in the right place now?

Are we happy with our situations and circumstances, and is there something that bothers us and urges us to pay attention to it? Yes, we are upset during this transit, but it is this kind of problem that leads to recovery. It’s also the kind of transit that gets us in touch with exactly what’s wrong with our lives.

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During the Moon trine Neptune, we will be able to put a finger on those who harm us, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We all have friends that should probably be called friends, and while we generally let them slip, there will be a few ‘friends’ that come to the surface when we start thinking about our lives, and those people will register in our psyche as ‘toxic.’

A poison is a poison, and a poison does not work well in the human system, no matter how mental or emotional it is.

Toxic is poisonousand during the triple-Neptune moon, we want it.

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