The United States has broken its single-day viral record for the second day in a row

With more than 580,000 cases, the United States broke its own record for new daily corona virus cases – breaking a milestone. The day before.

Jupiter count, according to New York Times database, Knocked out 488,000 new cases on Wednesday, more than double the maximum number last winter. Back-to-back record-breaking days are a growing sign of the virus’s rapid spread, and the world is entering its third year of epidemics.

However, hospitalization and mortality did not follow the same dramatic increase, and the Omicron variant appears to be milder than the delta and causes less severe disease. In the past two weeks, deaths have dropped by five per cent to an average of 1,221 per day, while the number of hospital admissions has increased by just 15 per cent to an average of 78,781 per day.

Across the country, flights have been canceled Thousands of flights, Leaving passengers stranded, others Waited in line for hours Their hands should be subjected to corona examination.

The large number is even more significant considering the number of experts interacting Vacation With major disruptions in testing and data reporting. Rise of Home tests This means that some cases are not in official numbers.

Last year, the so-called holiday curve showed a sharp decline in cases after Thanksgiving and Christmas, which actually reduced the number of cases reported. There may be many more viruses than are accounted for this season. It will not be clear for how many more weeks.

The global upsurge is driven by the new variant, Omicron. And when it is contagious, Research Shows that cases with variation are mild. Vaccines have already been shown to reduce the severity of the virus.

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According to The New York Times database, the vast majority of Americans, 62 percent, are fully vaccinated. Nearly three-quarters of the population has received at least one drug. And 68.8 million of those who have been fully vaccinated have received a third dose or booster shot since Aug. 13. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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