The US economy grew 1.7% in the fourth quarter, reaching a strong year

Still, the average business owner “sees a very strong environment now,” said Oran Klachin, a leading economist for U.S. industry and regional research in the Oxford economy. “They want to increase investment because they want to meet that need – and they have every reason to invest.”

Jeff Somple, President of Mac Molding – a contract manufacturer in Arlington, Vt. But manpower and supply barriers mean that the productivity of his factories cannot continue. As a result his team often had to reject orders.

“Every day, our No. 1 challenge is to chase the parts we need to make products,” he said, “whether it’s the original adhesive or China’s circuit board, and then” chases the right ones. ” .

The company has raised the starting level wage to $ 15 per hour and the average wage to $ 20 per hour. This did not stop employees from rushing out of work or changing jobs as business continued to grow.

Some people like the opportunity to work from home. Somble said, or the option for more flexible times than is offered on the factory site. Of the rest, not many are due to the spread of Govt-19 infections this winter: “When we arrive on Monday it is a kind of walk-a-mole,‘ We ask who goes to work and what they do. Do the products we make show the parts we can put in? ”

When bidding for circuit boards, the lead time – the number of days that the goods arrive at the plant from the time of ordering – is in some cases one year. “We may have 30 different suppliers and we depend on building a product,” he explained. “So if a supplier has a problem, if they downgrade us, we will close an entire production line that employs 20 people because we can’t get this.”

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The leisure, hospitality, travel and other related service sectors are facing the worst of winters and the remnants of the Omigron uprising, while businesses and consumers expect something like a return to normal.

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