The Wandering Elden Ring Shrine made of LEGO looks amazing

Talented LEGO Builders It brought many great ideas to life, one brick at a time. And in a final feat of Lego ingenuity, a builder recreated a file shrine walkthrough of elden ring In amazing detail.

picture: HoboSapient / Reddit

The amazing piece was created by Redditor HoboSapient and shared on elden ring subreddit. I mentioned at the beginning before computer gamesThe design weighs about 30 pounds, and requires approximately 5,000 to 6,000 pieces to bring it to life, HoboSapient explained in the comments. He added that the inner shape of the shrine was created using a lot of technic (Advanced Lego Model Series).

This LEGO Wanding Shrine is sparkling with just a few details. There are flowering vines and algae extending on their legs to the outer pylon. The rough texture of the bedrock is rounded off by a variety of smooth and perforated pieces, in various shades of gray. Apparently there are four legs, surrounding the bell on the bottom of the shrine, which Redditors call the “bell bag” or “ding dong”. Go and conclude.

HoboSapient has created a few other cool Lego designs, which he shared on Reddit. There is a more detailed version of just The upper half of the wandering shrineincluding interior design. He also recreated him SkyrimBroadspire Manor with Lego.

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