‘The Woman King’ review: Fiction based on reality

What would you call a movie that describes itself as a historical epic but ignores essential details to avoid telling the truth?

Most people call it fantasy, but Hollywood calls it woman king.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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The textbook definition of “revisionist history”, king woman, Ostensibly, it is a film that brings to life the wet dream of intersecting feminism by seeing a group of powerful black women portrayed as heroes against European slave traders.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

But in fact, this team worked between director Gina Prince-Bethwood (old guard) and screenwriter Dana Stevens (fatherhoodIt has to be one of the worst bleaches in real world history ever on the silver screen.

Of course, that won’t stop woman king Than getting awards next year, because as we all know, what a movie stands for now is far more important than its quality.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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Located in the Kingdom of Dahomey in West Africa during the 1820s, “Woman King It follows a group of female warriors called Agojie who protect the kingdom under King Ghezo (John Boyeda), even though he is a king in name only.

Agojie is headed by General Nanisca (Viola Davis), who trains the members of the group to fight slave traders – specifically European slave traders.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

Let’s stop here.

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This attempt by Prince-Bythewood and Stevens to turn Agojie and Dahomey into anti-colonial heroes who fought against slavery and oppression by whites is the film’s biggest problem.

why? Because it’s as historically accurate as the Hana Barbera cartoon.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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In fact, Dahomey was one of the most prominent slave-trading states of their era.

according to History vs HollywoodAnd the Not only did the Dahomey family “conquer neighboring African states and take their citizens as slaves, selling many of them in the Atlantic slave trade for such goods as guns, tobacco, and alcohol”, but it was their participation in this trade that “brought Dahomey most of its fortune.”

Source: Watch Warriors in Training in ‘The Woman King’ | Anatomy of a scene, New York Times YouTube

Regarding the Ajuji themselves, the site notes that “Ajuji (women warriors) fought in slave raids with male fighters.”

“There are accounts of Dahomey warriors conducting slave raids on villages where they beheaded old people and stripped the lower jaw bones of others,” History vs. Hollywood More Details. “During the raids, they would completely burn down the villages. Those who let them live, including the children, were captured and sold into slavery.”

As the website itself explained, “The film strategically downplays this part of Dahomey’s history, so as not to complicate the story with the truth.”

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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That’s right: the same Atlantic slave trade that modern progressives control at the head of any white person as a kind of “original sin” is exactly the same as the one the real world inspires woman king Supporters were killed for protection.

Once you realize the narrative that the movie is intentionally showing side steps the fact that the Dahomey were some of the worst slave traders not only in Africa, but in world history, the movie as a whole falls apart.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

Boyega’s King of Dahomey has been weakened by this awakened fan narrative that, despite being an African king in the 1820s, his soldiers are still so submissive that they realize they have ‘marginal’ armor.

Not even the king’s wife respected his authority. This is the feminist tale 101 – a woman cannot be shown as “equal” to a man by her own merits, but only by tearing men apart and making them appear inferior.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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(And while not quite mentioned, the idea that a governor of such a region during this time period would allow gay and transgender people to work in his court is laughable, too.)

In an effort to distract you from the blatant rewriting of history, woman king It also gives you a story about Nansika’s relationship with her daughter and the unofficial movie protagonist Naoi.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

Young, boisterous, and defiant to power – a common theme in the film – Naoi challenges her family’s plans for her in order to become a soldier to the King.

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Unsurprisingly filled with melodrama, the side story of Nawi and Nanisca is only transcended in this regard by a later plot in which the former takes a race-biased Brazilian trader as a love interest — an angle that ultimately goes nowhere because heterosexual intercourse is not permitted. in progressive storytelling.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

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However, in perhaps the most emphatic sign that the film was a poor blunder, Davis backed away from promoting the film by attempting audiences’ guilt to give it their attention by accusing anyone he didn’t see ofSupport the narrative that black women cannot lead the world box office“.

Maybe this novel is true, or maybe the rest of the world doesn’t care to give the money to Hollywood’s latest attempt to blame the nineteenth century for their flaws in the twenty-first century.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

For obvious reasons, the comparisons between this and Marvel Black Panther Franchising is inevitable, especially with the upcoming female sequel, Wakanda foreverhaving drawn some inspiration from the Agojie of her African pottery nation Dora Milaje.

Most compelling of all, however, is the fact that Disney’s image of a fictional Wakanda is more rooted in reality than anything else. woman king displays on the screen.

Source: The Woman King (2022), Sony Pictures

In the end, the ready message for woman king It is not letting the truth get in the way of good narration.

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‘The Woman King’ review: Fiction based on reality


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