This could be a big week on PlayStation, rumors circulate

Rumors of a massive week for PlayStation have started to speed up across the web, driven in large part by Bloomberg’s latest report He said Sony might unveil Project Spartacus sometime in the next seven days. For those who are completely out of the loop, this renewed subscription service aims to bring together PS Plus And the PS nowIt offers multiple paid levels with various benefits.

So where does all this new hype come from? From what we can tell, a lot of noise is generated by curiosity Tweet Greg Miller. Over the weekend, Miller wrote, “Man, looks like it could be a very exciting week for PlayStation if one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true. As such, we’ll be delaying the taping of PS I Love You XOXO until Thursday.”

Miller is clearly a knowledgeable man, and the delay in his PS I Love You XOXO podcast is adding extra weight to the rumors that Something It goes down next week. What’s more, Miller hinted at “Three” rumors suggest that Sony Maybe It has plans that go beyond the aforementioned Spartacus project. Maybe a state of play is going our way? We’ll find out soon.

Now, we know what some of you might be thinking: PlayStation rumors All the timeSocial media “insiders” are usually chasing influence. But when Bloomberg, Greg Miller, and a few other reliable sources suggest something is likely going on, we tend to think it’s worth paying attention to.

What do you think of the PlayStation Store this week? Go ahead with silly predictions in the comments section below.

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