Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy launch new golf tournament

TGL was formed in partnership with the PGA Tour and aims to attract a younger audience to golf through technology and dedicated arenas.

The competition will feature six three-player teams on the PGA Tour and will be broadcast live on primetime Monday nights.

According to a press release, the high-tech concept will see players take shots on a virtual screen before moving into a “state-of-the-art short gaming complex” in the center of the stadium.

Each shot will be played within two hours in an effort to make golf more attractive to spectators, who will be at the side of the greens to watch the events unfold. The inaugural season will see a 15-game schedule followed by playoff matches and a championship match.

“We all know what it’s like to be on a soccer field or a basketball court where you can watch every game, every minute of the action unfold right in front of you,” said Woods, the 15-time main champion.

“It’s something that isn’t inherently possible in traditional golf – and an aspect of TGL that will differentiate it and attract a new generation of fans.”

TGL is the brainchild of TMRW Sports, a company founded by Woods, McIlroy, and sports CEO Mike McCarley. It aims to harness technology “to offer progressive approaches to sports, media and technology,” according to Twitter ad.
Rory McIlroy pays tribute to Tiger Woods'  Participate in the PGA Tour discussions on LIV Golf

“TGL will benefit from the allure of a golf team in an exciting and fan-friendly environment, comparable to sitting on the courtside at an NBA game,” said world number four McIlroy.

“TGL will expand the appeal of golf to younger, more diverse fans and will serve as another way to introduce people to the game I love.”

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The launch comes as the PGA Tour announces a number of changes to its schedule and format amid the launch of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series earlier this year.

On Wednesday, the Tour outlined plans to raise four additional events for the FedEx Cup 2023 season, with the Tour’s top 20 players committed to competing in all 12 lift events.

There is also a pledge to increase prize money, with a portfolio of at least $20 million available at each of these 12 events.

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“Every member of the PGA Tour will benefit from the changes we are making,” said PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan.

“The Tour will continue to grow by having the world’s best players committed to it, by continuing to build on and investing in our ethos, which is the best competitive platform.”

Monahan added that players who have registered for the LIV Golf Series will not be allowed to return to the PGA Tour in light of changes made prior to next season.

Controversial launch Leaf Golf SeriesBacked by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and pioneered by world number one Greg Norman, it has attracted some of the biggest names in golf, including major winners Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia.

The Public Investment Fund has pledged to award $250 million in total prize money to the series. Each of the top seven events has a total prize pool of $25 million, with $20 million split between individual players and $5 million remaining between the top three teams each weekend.

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CNN’s Matt Foster and Jill Martin contributed reporting.

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