Titans RP Derrick Henry plays with metal plates in the foot and shoe against the Bengal team.

Derrick Henry Once again, officially implemented, the Titans are about to start for the team. Take Hoobla, one of the best players in the NFL to dramatically return to the playoffs, and King will return to normal.

A small exception: “I have a large steel plate on my foot,” Henry said this week.

That’s right. Former MVP candidate Broke the fifth metatarsal in his leg He underwent surgery and had an iron plate inserted into his leg. Not only that.

Henry is also expected to play Saturday Division Round A metal plate in his shoe against the Bengals, like that worn by players with toes. Security added.

The metal plate is a modified orthodontist to protect the foot from pressure and flex. When he is running and cutting, he puts pressure to keep the repaired area safe. He can run without any reservation.

As for the plate, it is considered to be much safer and more stable than inserting a screw into a repaired metadarsal. Actually Henry’s leg has a plate and five screws.

Eleven weeks after the operation, Henry completed the entire voyage. The bone had healed almost completely, and today it is considered strong enough to withstand the constant pressure put on him.

Henry has not played since Oct. 31, he unknowingly broke his leg against the Golds, still holding 28 Carries. Dr. Andrews at the Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopedics. Norman Waltrop and Dr. Lyle Cain soon had surgery. There were eyes coming back This season.

Henry is listed at 6-ft-3, 247 pounds, and he is currently at his weight. After extensive rehab, which includes plenty of training and cardio work, he is in excellent physical shape. Someone who saw him in practice this week said, “He looked handsome; you know he’s a weirdo.”

Hopefully the adrenaline will pass through any nerves or tremors on the way back. Henry Snap will not be on the count, but they will watch him. Judging from the flow of the game, the Titans Donda Foreman could play a slightly bigger role than usual or at least pronounce Henry.

But basically, Henry is back.

“Of course you really appreciate this game when you’re away from it,” Henry told reporters. “Stay away from your peers and have that companionship, because you go to work every day and play on Sundays every week, you definitely miss it. Glad to be back.”

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