Trish Stratus calls the current WWE star ‘the best of her era’

Trish Stratos is fascinated by the idea of ​​a generational clash between two of WWE’s best women.

Talk to “Ring The Bell” Stratus has spoken about her step-by-step return to WWE.

Stratus said about her debut The ladies’ royal rumble in 2018. “Then I came back for has evolved. me and [Lita] The labeling was perfect, we had to do what we had as partners because we love it and it was great to be back in that capacity.”

“I wanted to see if I could come back and do a singles match,” Stratos continued, noting that she saw it. SummerSlam was coming to Toronto in 2019.

She had an epiphany and felt this was the perfect time to come back. So, former WWE Women’s Champion Vince McMahon called and reminded him that Charlotte Flair had nothing creative to do at the moment.

“For one of the best wrestlers of the time at that moment, Stratus poured in,” perfect. “

“I thought she was the best of her era,” Stratos said of her decision to choose Charlotte. Some say, “I’m the best of my age. It would be something fans would want to see.”

Stratos was particularly fascinated by the generational aspect of the match.

“She was such an amazing actress of this generation, and I was, and it really worked.”

Stratus said that she would love to return as the underdog, and although she lost to the second-generation superstar, she benefited from Flair’s Figure-Eight Leglock, Stratus was happy about that because she was “what? [she] She suggested, “although she shyly refused to delve further into this statement.

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