Turkey is alerting its citizens to the risk of attack in the United States and Europe, following Western warnings

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey warned its citizens on Saturday of possible “Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist attacks” in the United States and Europe, after its Western allies warned their citizens in Turkey of possible terrorist attacks.

In two separate travel tips, the Turkish Foreign Ministry recommended its citizens in the United States and European countries to “behave calmly in the face of possible racist and racist harassment and attacks” and “stay away from areas where demonstrations may intensify.”

The ministry said the recent increases in “anti-Islamic and anti-racist acts” reflect the dangerous dimensions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe.

Several embassies in Ankara including those of the United States, Germany, France and Italy on Friday issued security alerts to their citizens in Turkey that indicated “possible revenge attacks by terrorists against places of worship”.

This came in the wake of the recent incidents of burning the Koran in Europe. The Swedish Foreign Ministry also advised its citizens in Turkey on Saturday to avoid crowds and demonstrations.

An anti-immigration far-right politician burned a Quran last week near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm during a protest, adding to tensions between Turkey and Sweden. The burning of the Qur’an in the Netherlands and Denmark also drew strong condemnation from Ankara.

(Reporting by Huseyin Hayatsiver; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

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