USMNT World Cup Qualifier: Don’t let the defeat to Costa Rica fool you, the future of USA football is bright

July 1, 2014 The last time anyone saw the US men’s national team at the FIFA World Cup. They lost 2-1 to Belgium in extra time in the 16th round – you know. Almost eight years later, Miss Chris Vondolovsky and those 14 Tim Howard saves are still new. That failure still burns. Now the biggest arena in all sports again includes red, white and blue, and this team will come with more expectations than ever before.

On Wednesday night, in San Jose, Costa Rica, I saw this young USMNT booking tickets to Qatar. 2-0 defeat There the team was inconsistent and struggled with the opponent’s health. It was more of a reaction than an electric charge, which raises stupid questions due to the bad taste in the mouths of players and fans, but remember – kids make mistakes. Young teams, sometimes, simply do not run, especially on the road. They may not have followed the instructions for Dick, at times they were slow, but there were some encouraging moments in the beginning. As always, there is nothing else in the game on the road in Concacaf.

The moment of qualification came after the qualifying cycle for the United States, where the depth was time-tested due to the coveted-affected schedule, which was kind of crowded, and one that manager Greg Berholder handled well. . From the time Weston McKenney was sent home for problems outside the field until he tried to figure out how to deal with all of the injuries, it wasn’t perfect. But, on the contrary, the USMNT, by and large, shows a return.

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In 14 games, only two players, Anthony Robinson and Tyler Adams, played more than 1000 minutes. Only two more, Miles Robinson and Walker Zimmerman, have played more than 800 doubles behind the center. So accomplishing this task was a real team effort, which elevated the mood of one next man and made a player accelerate the team and make sure to meet that moment.

“This is definitely a roller coaster,” Christian Pulisic told CBS Sports after the game. “It’s never been easier to get down and play in these Congolese countries. We know that. We fought most of it. We’ve been in the top three at the end of the day.

Through ups and downs, good results and bads, the team rediscovered its position under Perholder and achieved what they set out to do. Really qualifying for 2022 is the sequel to 2021, which is really the time when this generation of players came to own. That summer they won not only the Nations League but also the Gold Cup. Now 2022 is an opportunity to show the world that American boys can play too. They got that right when there were 14 tough matches and 1260 minutes of unqualified qualification, when the game was not always pretty, but there was a heart and determination to cheer up the fans who were heartbroken to see it for so long. Before.

Don’t let this match fool you – this team was better than bad and they were so much better than what we saw during the 2018 cycle. USMNT has never been so talented, and these young people have never given up on what they did by wearing these colors. They won half of their matches, conceding just 10 goals in 14 games, and averaging 1.7 points per game after scoring just 1.2 in the 2018 cycle. And, most importantly, this is the youngest USMNT in qualifying history – on average 23 years, 302 days old, and they did what the team could not do in the last cycle.

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The fan base has been affected by the incident in 2017. Tonight, treatment begins with a brighter future.

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