Vogue sues Drake, 21 Savage over Maggie’s fashion show

Vogue takes fashion very seriously.

Popular fashion magazine publisher Condé Nast has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Drake and rapper 21 Savage — after the duo created fake Vogue numbers with themselves on the cover to promote their new album, “Her Loss.”

Legitimate-looking copies of the mag went viral on social media, fake posters were put up in New York, and cases were distributed on the streets in places like Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Drake even tweeted with the cover photo, “My brother and I are on newsstands tomorrow!! Thank you @voguemagazine and Anna Wintour for the love and support at this historic moment.”

Drake Fogg
Conde is suing Nast Drake and 21 Savage over a fake Vogue cover used to promote their new album.
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Drake, 21 Savage
Fake posters were placed and fake magazines distributed in major cities.

According to the lawsuit — which was filed this week in the Southern District of New York and seen by Page Six — Condé Nast sent a cease-and-desist on October 31 asking Drake and his team to stop “the unauthorized use of the Vogue trademark by removing the Instagram post, and stopping any distribution of these” magazine”, and issuing a public statement explaining that this was not an actual cover of Vogue.”

According to the suit, the dummy cups that were delivered were “complete,
Professional reprint of the October issue of Vogue”, with some pages modified to mount the defendants’ album promotional slogans. Others include photographs of [veteran Vogue editor] Anna Wintour was not in the real case, and in one case she was manipulated to interfere with Drake’s picture.”

A source tells us that Drake isn’t worried about the $4 million lawsuit.
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Court papers go on to claim: “Anna Wintour did not authorize the use of her photo to promote the defendants’ album.” The order also alleges that fake Vogues “exploit” the mag’s trademark and caused “widespread public confusion”.

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Condé Nast is seeking $4 million in damages, according to the lawsuit.

But a source tells Page Six, “Drake isn’t worried.”

Promotions for Drake and 21 Savage’s new album “Her Loss” also included fake press songs such as The Howard Stern interview, a performance of “SNL” and a “Tiny Desk” concert on NPR.

While other media organizations took it all in full swing, one source told us, “WG wasn’t happy. Every other outlet was happy and took her on the chin. It wasn’t done with malice.”

Stern even talked about Fake interview liveand said of the effort, “He modified himself to look like he was in our studio…Drake did such a good job that news outlets are reporting it as if it were real.”

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