What Michael Vick said to the Jackson State FC team, Dion Sanders before the inauguration

It’s no secret Jackson State football coach Dion Sanders Many athletes know. On Saturday, while his team was conducting a pre-game run in Miami Gardens before playing Florida A&M the following day, Michael Vick, one of the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL, showed up.

Sanders and Vic are friends and spend time talking to them JSU . practice. At the end of training, Sanders called the team and asked them to form a circle before serving in you.

“There was no one before him, and there will never be another person like him,” Sanders said.

Vic said he was talking to Sanders about this year’s team and what it really means to everyone involved, the coaches, the players and even the photographer. He said he noticed that everyone was proud of everything.

“Make sure you drink water – it’s really hot – and tomorrow (Sunday) it’s going to be a really tough match,” Vic said. “There have been studies showing that the more hydrated team will likely perform the best.”

Vic said that drinking water would allow the tigers to make good decisions and not have a misjudgment. Tell the players that their minds will be sharp and the game will be easy for them.

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“The opportunities are here,” Vick said. “I remember being my son’s age and your age and going through this process. Not only dreaming of going to the next level but winning the next game. Being awesome the next moment, even if I messed up, I felt like I could make the next play. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to be great at The next moment.”

Jackson State won 59-3.

Vic said football is about consistency, about who can perform over and over and make it look easy. He said that once the athlete gets to the point where the game is easy for him, he can take control and roll.

What Sanders is doing now, Vic said, is take HBCUs and the game to another level.

“The words Coach Prime gave me and my son,” Vic said. “I can only imagine what you get on a daily basis. You just soak it all in. You know what that equals? Winning, championships, leadership, teamwork and brotherhood. That’s what this is all about. It’s a long-running game. Sure Than do everything in your power to be in that #1 spot and the end of the season. Enjoy the ride.”

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