Why Duke is happy with basketball after a painful defeat to North Carolina on Saturday

Durham, NC – Mike Kriezewski did not want this to end, but lost to Duke 94-81 in his final home game at Cameroon Indoor Stadium.

“It’s hard for me to believe it’s over,” Kryzewski told the crowd – some spend $ 10,000 or more on tickets – to say goodbye. “So I’m going to say the regular season is over.”

This season is long, although there is no official finish line on Saturday, it could be the end of his farewell tour, for which he thanked.

Krzyzewski announced his retirement last June, his decision to focus only on training for one last season – no recruitment, no worries about the future, only a final run to the championship. But that plan never paid off. The basketball world is not always going to see the successful coach Kryzewski riding at sunset. His life needed a request.

So at every stop on this season’s schedule, the lead story is Krizevsky. At some stops, there was respect. In others, emotional reunions. In North Carolina, a month ago, there was no commotion, only match fans expressing their anger at the enemy for the last time. Then, as a thought, they played basketball games, except for four of them, Duke won.

Then came Saturday.

This was circled by the Blue Devils a month ago. Sure, it’s a competitive game, but they have already beaten North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is a record win in one season, beating Duke Gonzalez and Kentucky. The game did not gain much importance in the standings either. The Blue Devils, with a seven-game win, have already won the ACC regular-season title. No, on Saturday the team wrote its own chapter in Kryzhevsky’s legacy and sent its coach on the right track. Only, it did not happen.

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“I would lie if I said I didn’t know this date was coming,” Star Forward said Paulo Panzero Said. Everyone knows

The funny thing is, Khrushchev did not care about all that.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Kirszewski said. “Let’s practice what’s going on in matches. It’s been very real for a few days.



During his last Home Duke game, Mike Kryzewski received great acclaim from the former players and fans he coached.

The whole ride was surreal – part documentary, part praise, part circus and, somewhere mix, basketball. After Saturday’s defeat, before the post – match festivities began, Kryzewski apologized to the fans in attendance, and they unanimously refused to accept it. They didn’t even come here for Duke to win the game against the hated North Carolina. They were here for Krzyzewski, the results would be bad.

This is a place like Duke, unrecognized by a coach like Khrushchev. Success is always a job number. 1. Maybe that’s what made it feel so bad this season. There was success, but only in the context of what it meant to the big story. And the final curtain on Saturday, the culmination of the story set by Krzyzewski in motion again in June.

Banzero, like his coach, wanted to find some meaning in the loss. That was a lesson. It was motivating. It’s catharsis.

However, whatever it really was, the result that Duke was waiting for – good or bad.

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The results, of course, are followed by new beginnings, which seemed to be the most important for Khrushchev on Saturday. And for his team.

The story of his retirement will continue in the ACC and NCAA tournaments, but it will no longer be central. Stay away from the camera coach, at least for a while, and focus on the team – a team that Krzevsky really trusts, enough to beat it all.

Panchero noted that all of Duke’s worst moments of the season have come in front of home fans in Cameroon, who paid their respects every Saturday in the countdown.



Mike Kriezewski sat down with Res Davis to discuss his final home game at the Duke.

No more home games, it’s okay.

“We were hungry on the road and everywhere else. We will not be playing in the NCAA tournament here,” Pancero said. “We’re eager to go down the road and make up for it.”

This is not an opportunity for atonement, however, it is an opportunity to turn the page, to see what lies ahead in Krzyzewski’s life 42 years before this final run.

Panchero is still one of the most energetic big men in the country. Wendell Moore Jr. He is the senior player commanding the offense, the beating heart of the list. Mark Williams, AJ Griffin, Jeremy Roche, Trevor Keells – The script for this season is like the real story Khrushchevsky wanted, they all fit their characters exactly. Now, after a year of games that were higher than the final score, it is the team that will be the center of attention.

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That was the real decision that Krzevsky wanted.

“I wanted this year to be a good coaching job, not a retirement year, and to be hungry,” he said. “I think I have, I will. Until this is done.”

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